Training Intensity Analyzer

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Training Intensity Analyzer

With this Android Application, Training Intensity Analyzer, you can analyze percentage based training programs based on your one rep max value. If you are planning to increase your maximum strength, you should target your sessions to heavy zone. Light zone is for recovery, moderate for preparatory phase and heavy for building strength. If your session is extra heavy, you should take care of recovery and avoid doing repeated extra heavy sessions without sufficient recovery time in between. Sometimes training programs assume that your maximum strength (one rep max) has already increased within first four weeks of program and this tool will show extra heavy values for following sessions based on your original one rep max value.

This tool is intended to be used with free weight barbell training. You can use this tool with Olympic lifts, Bench Press, Squats, Deadlifts, Presses etc. Originally this tool was designed with Olympic weightlifting club.

How do you use Training Intensity Analyzer?

You put the name of the exercise and your one rep max. Then you put the weights and reps of one training session on the calculator and it will tell you if your training is light, moderate, heavy or extra heavy. You can save all the calculations by their name. You can also save your exercise data for later use. One Rep Max value has to be at least 1kg more than any kg value in your training sets or you get calculation error.

Who can use it?

Coaches and athletes, Olympic weightlifters, Crossfit and people who are doing free weight barbell training.

Where to get it?

From Google Play Store