Penetration testing

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Penetration testing

Penetration testing is technical security audit project where specialist try to find security flaws and weaknesses from target system and penetrate into target system:

• Have target under direct control
• Get confidential data from target system
• Be able to affect target application logic or operation

JRComplex has completed penetration testing for three decades since the 1990s. Such long term experience is extremely rare.

JRComplex penetration testing is always targeted manual work and expertise.

All tests are executed with full force which can cause malfunctions in target systems.

Automated scanners are used to guarantee full coverage of all tests but the actual testing is done manually by professional.

JRComplex is recommending Whitebox test method where all required target information is available for designing test cases.

Test are executed over Internet from regular user standpoint.

Penetration testing project end product is management summary style report where overall assessment and evaluation of target information security is given. All technical details will be given alongside project to  responsible technical personnel.

We offer services in English and Finnish.